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Attorney Patrick Barone

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  • What To Do After Being Arrested For DUI In Michigan

I “Wrote the Books” on Drunk Driving


Client Testimonial:This is the real thing! I first met Pat back in the 90s when I got charged with some trumped up crap courtesy of our overzealous and rights violating Sheriffs office, and he did a great job representing me. In an age were attorneys treat clients like crap, don’t return phone calls and speak to you worse then you’re persecutors, Pat is a tireless worker who fights for his clients and is not intimidated by heavy hangem high judges or mad dogg prosecutors. I can never remember any calls he didn’t return personally He doesn’t work cheap, butt when you go to you’re sentencing you will never have to worry where your attorney is or where the extra money went that you spent on legal defenses. Pat is a true advocate for his clients. Even the great Geoffrey Fieger didn’t dare mix it up with Pat when the two were guest on my radio show. You wanna save a few bucks, go with one of these ham and egger attorneys whose main concern is there firms financial gain, and when you’re a couple of grand lighter and still facing a jail sentence, you will know I was right. And do the same thing I did when I tried to save a few bucks, and say I should’ve use Patrick Barone. 

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