Find Michigan DUI Lawyer | Why Should I Hire the Barone Defense Firm?

Because everyone at the Barone Defense Firm is exceptionally well trained and well versed in the defense of drinking drivers in Michigan, and this including training to help you deal with the emotional stress and turmoil often caused from your arrest.

Maybe you’re just curious about the law and legal defenses, or maybe you’re confused, worried or even scared about what might happen to you. We will help you deal with these feelings in part by providing you with a great deal of information about how the criminal justice system works.

We will answer all of your questions and exhaustively explain the law of drunk driving to you. This is one reason why Mr. Barone has spent so much time writing all the information on this web page, and is also why he wrote: The DUI Book – A Citizen’s Handbook on Fighting a Drunk Driving Charge. We have found that such thorough and detailed information removes much of the uncertainty that you now feel about what will happen as your case moves through the system. With less uncertainty comes less stress.

How Will the Barone Defense Firm Help Me with My DUI Case?

First and foremost we will help by attempting to avoid a conviction altogether. Even though you might feel like your case is hopeless, in the past the Barone Defense Firm has achieved unbelievable results such as obtaining a complete dismissal of all criminal charges. On other occasions we’ve beaten the case at trial. Either way the client ended up with no criminal record of any kind, and no jail time, fines, costs, points or driver license sanctions. Results like these make it almost as if you were never arrested. Every case is different, and when we meet we will discuss what results we may be able to obtain for you based on the specific facts and circumstances of your case.

What Makes the Barone Defense Firm Different?

In striving to provide the highest caliber DUI Defense legal services we are always mindful of the fact that this is undoubtedly a difficult time in your life. As your case moves through the legal system we will be here to assist you in any way we can. Not only does the Barone Defense Firm enjoy an excellent reputation across the State of Michigan; Mr. Barone is known and well respected across the Country. By putting your future in the hands of a Firm that not only has top credentials but one that also cares about you as a person you will reduce your stress while significantly increasing your chances of obtaining the best possible results!

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