Find Michigan DUI Lawyer | Finding Your Best Treatment Option

How We Will Help You:

At the Barone Defense Firm we will assist you in finding the best treatment option for the circumstances of your case.  This is because the mental health field considers even a single drunk driving arrest to be diagnostically significant.

The first thing that you will need to have will be a good substance abuse evaluation as well as substance abuse treatment.  A substance abuse evaluation consists of a thorough in-person interview and should also include the administration of one or more alcohol screening tests.  These include such tests as the MAST, SASSI and others.

The professional who meets with you should be someone who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of alcohol disorders.  He or she will assess multiple dimensions of your drinking behavior. 

If they are properly trained, then the clinician will be using a sophisticated evaluation process and should use research-based tests and interviews before arriving at a definitive diagnosis about whether or not a problem exists.  You may want to look for a PhD level practitioner as these doctors of psychology will have in excess of 10 years of higher level education and training.

At the conclusion of the substance abuse evaluation, the evaluator can determine what level of treatment, if any, is appropriate for you. The evaluation will usually also include a suggested course of treatment.

Why is Treatment So Important?

It all boils down to risk.  Reverse rolls with the prosecutor and the judge.  Thinking about your drunk driving case, what do you think they are most concerned about?

By asking them to help you, what you are really asking the judge or the prosecutor to do is take a huge risk.  A risk that you will not commit another drunk driving offense.  If you betray this risk, and while under the jurisdiction of the court either pick up a new case or God forbid kill someone, there will be a political and emotional price for them to pay.  The risk they are taking is so great that such an occurrence could quite literally derail the judge or prosecutor’s career. 

On the other hand, if your attorney is armed with a good substance abuse evaluation, compliance with the treatment plan, and a history of sobriety (albeit perhaps a short one), then you will be in a much better position to obtain an excellent plea or sentence bargain.

When Should I Get Started with Treatment?

The simple answer is: as soon as you are able to begin.  The longer your track-record for treatment, compliance and sobriety, the better will be your chances of obtaining a great result.

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