Client Reviews

Read a Detroit News Article Written by Laura Berman after sitting as a juror in one of Mr. Barone’s cases.

  • In the jury room, justice isn’t easy – 08_07_05

After a Recent Jury Trial:

Patrick Barone did a terrific job with my OWI case.

As a recent graduate from law school, I feel I can speak credibly when I say that Patrick gives his clients the best chance at achieving desirable results in their drunk driving cases.  After going to law school for 3 years, I know quite a few lawyers and judges in the Metropolitan Detroit area.  They all told me Patrick Barone was the best choice for my OWI case.

Patrick is a mastermind when it comes to representing clients in drunk driving cases.  First, he knows the law and every update on the law the second it comes out.  Next, he has a biology background and is very skilled when it comes to the science behind the breathalyzers and blood alcohol.  In fact, he knew the breath test manual WAY better than the police officer and prosecutor in my case.  He easily raised doubt as to the reliability of the breath test results and the officer’s training.           

Next, his trial skills are SPECTACULAR!  From the jury selection to the closing argument, Patrick engaged the jury with the theme of my case and raised doubt as to the prosecutor’s arguments.

Finally, Patrick is so passionate and competitive when it comes to his craft.  He strives to be the best drunk driving attorney (which I believe he is) and he wants to win!  He cared about me and he treated my case as if it was his own case.  I am appreciative for the insane amount of effort and preparation that he put into my case.  I cannot picture many other lawyers doing that for me.

Dennis G.

Referred Client:


I will tell you that this would be my third offense.   I was referred to you by my friend Craig C…..I have to say that I am also talking to another lawyer, but Craig keeps telling me that you are AWESOME!!

I DO believe that it is not justified!! I have been EXTREMELY good since my last offense in 2004,and everyone I know is SURPRISED that this happened to me.

Patrick F.

Belated Thank You

Client Review

Please forgive the belated thank you for your exceptional handling of my son’s case.  I cannot tell you what a relief it was for our son, and of course me, and my husband, that our son’s charge was reduced to Reckless Driving. We understand that this occurs less than 5% of the time, and it is the most favorable outcome that was possible. This was a very scary process, and a profound learning experience for our son. Again, you did a great job – both in the outcome, your tutelage of our son and as a result, holding our (his!) costs down.

Hard Case

Client Review:

I am a college student entering the Automotive Engineering field and was facing a DWI charge. This worried me greatly due to my career choice. I did a lot of research and chose Patrick Barone to defend me.

Unfortunately, my case was a very tough one with a high BAC. Patrick and his defense team worked very hard for me, filing numerous motions and working the case from every angle, even meeting with the police chief. Finally, on the day of trial, my case was reduced to a careless driving.

At every step of the way, Patrick and his team made sure I was well aware of what was going on, what the risks and rewards were for each decision, and what to expect at each court appearance. I was fully taken care of and know that a better result could not have come if I had hired anyone else. Patrick in my opinion is the best at what he does and he will work his hardest on your case as well.

Outstanding representation!

Client Review:

One year ago I retained The Barone Defense Firm to represent me regarding my 3rd OWI, which in Michigan now is a felony, with a sentence of probation with jail not less than 30 days nor more than 1 year . My case had extenuating circumstances which I believed deserved attention from a jury or judge to obtain a minimum sentence with work release.

Patrick was diligent and extremely thorough, exploring all avenues of defense. I was always able to maintain a high level of communication with Patrick and his staff, even at odd hours with email and phone. Patrick’s command of the courtroom was outstanding. It worked out to the best possible outcome, a precedent setting judgment, a minimum sentence with Virtual Work Release. I highly recommend Patrick and his firm for your DUI issues.

Great Lawyer

Client Review:

My wife was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated causing death which is a very serious offense. She was not drunk but was on a very high dosage, legally prescribed medication of Xanax. which the state said made her legally intoxicated. The first thing we needed was a competent defense attorney and in talking to some people Patrick Barone’s name came up. my wife and I called him and after out initial meeting we felt this was the right guy. Patrick was honest, straightforward, diligent, extremely competent and professional. He always made himself available to us during this difficult time. I hope I never have to go through anything like this again but if I do I would not hesitate to Call Patrick. I highly recommend Pat Barone.


Client Review:

was arrested for drunk driving and didn’t know where to turn. I had been in an accident, and had a refused the breath test, so things looked pretty bad. I searched the internet, and hired a lawyer who seemed good and didn’t charge to much. He screwed up by missing the deadline to file for my license hearing. I’m an IT contractor and work with large corporations and everyone does background checks. I knew if I was convicted no one would hire me. I’d be out of a job. Since my first lawyer already screwed up, I couldn’t stay with him and risk my job.

I went back to the internet and found Patrick Barone. After I spoke with him I immediately noticed a big difference, so I decided to switch lawyers. Mr. Barone was able to fix the license issue, and I ended up winning my hearing. One of Mr. Barone’s associates was able to show that the cop did something wrong, and the refusal was dismissed. This meant that there was no driver license suspension for the breath test refusal.

Mr. Barone then went to work to try to get my case reduced to a non-alcohol. The prosecutor said “no” but Mr. Barone kept trying. Eventually he got my case reduced to a careless driving! Now I can keep working, and don’t have to worry about having any criminal record. I don’t think any other lawyer would have been able to win both the drunk driving case and the breath test refusal.

The price was a lot higher for Barone, but the results were well worth it. If you can’t afford to lose, then you should hire the Barone Defense Firm.



Winning Law Firm That Cares About Clients

Client Review:


I first contacted the Barone Defense Firm several years ago because my case seemed hopeless and I was demoralized. I’d talked with other lawyers and everyone said that my case was impossible and there was nothing they could do to help me. Some lawyers even recommended that I represent myself because I was going to lose anyway.

I explained my situation to Mr. Barone and he took my case and gave me hope. He never promised me anything, but gave me the confidence that he could win. At first I was a worried because his fees were higher than other lawyers I’d talked to, in some case a lot higher, but right from the start I could see that his law firm was different, and that everyone in the firm cared about me as a person and cared about my case.

I was given explicit instructions about how to prepare for court and then Mr. Barone spent a great deal of time with me personally in his office to prepare my testimony for the big day. It all paid off because we won! I never could have done this without him and the Barone Defense Firm team.
Since this time I’ve called Mr. Barone with legal questions and he always takes the time to explain my rights in a way that I can understand. Because of my situation I frequently speak with lots of other lawyers and it’s clear that Mr. Barone’s knowledge is far superior to any other lawyer I’ve worked with.

If results matter, or if you have to win your case like I did, then hire the Barone Defense Firm. As far as I’m concerned they’re the best in Michigan.

The Barone Defense Firm will provide you with the best representation.

Client Review:

Patrick Barone represented my DWI case. He thoroughly researched my case, and clearly laid out my options. My case was resolved with a minimum of disruption to my life, and in a caring and professional manner. Patrick Barone took the time to meet with me on numerous occasions and took the time to get to know me, allowing him to better represent me in court. Ultimately I chose to plead to a lesser charge while Patrick stood ready to defend me on the greater charge of DWI.

I have successfully completed my period of probation for my conviction of OWI. I had one scare when JAMS made an error, causing me, and a number of other probationers to be erroneously accused of a probation Violation. Thankfully, your firm was true to it’s word, and were ready to stand by my side to defend me in this issue. I cannot tell you how much the certainty of your representation meant to me. Just when I knew everything was going well, and I only had a few months of probation left, I was thrown into turmoil, and uncertainty. Fortunately, the error was identified, and the erroneous violation of probation charge was withdrawn.

Knowing I had representation helped to quell my anxiety. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the professionalism, courtesy, confidence, and advice I have received from your office. The representation I have experienced from the Barone Defense firm was instrumental in making sense of my first, and hopefully my last experience with our court system.

The best lawyer you can find, hands down

Client Review:

Patrick Barone is the first attorney I’ve ever hired, and I will never go to anyone else. From the very beginning of my case, he was courteous and optimistic about winning my case. He went above and beyond to make sure that all bases were covered during my case and never hesitated to answer any of my questions at any time. He was easy to contact and never made me feel like a burden. When the prosecutor offered impaired driving for my DUI case, that wasn’t enough for Patrick Barone. He wanted to take it further to get me a better deal. When it came time for trial, Patrick walked in with cases, drawing boards, and books of information in preparation for the jury trial on my case. He is well-prepared and well-organized and made sure to explain everything clearly to me. In the end, he won me a careless driving. I cannot thank him enough for everything he’s been through over the past months to make this happen for me. Patrick Barone is a lawyer that wants to win for you, and will do everything he can to get you there. Do not go to anyone else if your freedom and your criminal record means anything to you. Patrick Barone is by far the best out there.

Do Not Hire Anyone Else!

Client Review:

Patrick Barone, arguably, is the most competent DUI/OWI attorney in the state of Michigan and, quite possibly, the entire country. Patrick, not only has a comprehensive understanding of the law and specifically when it relates DUI/OWI cases, but skillfully applies the law and maneuvers effectively, at the right time, to bring about the most optimal results. My case ensued for approximately two years; however, in that time, Patrick, and his team developed a strong defense, which, ultimately resulted in no trial, and no alcohol charge. Patrick Barone and his team has helped me get on with my life, and for that I am extremely grateful. I would not recommend anyone else but Patrick Barone and his law office for DUI/OWI offenses. Thank you Patrick and your team.

Michael Flynn Michigan OWI Case

Client Review:

Patrick Barone is very knowledgeable about the associated laws and provides timely and detailed responses to my questions. He provides useful and pertinent legal advise and is able to utilize all necessary resources to assit me in effectively defending my position. He is candid, professional and confident in is approach.


Client Review:

As indicated above my entire experience with this law firm was excellent! When needing anything from this law firm it was taken care of immediately. If I needed to speak with my attorney, Mike Boyle he always answered his phone and took care of the situation. No matter wwho I spoke with at the firm, they made me feel comfortable and it was a pleasure working with them.

Superb Representation

Client Review:

After doing some research online, I secured Patrick to represent me in an OWI case. I was thoroughly impressed with his incredible knowledge of OWI laws and his clear understanding of the science behind alcohol testing.

I recall during the “voir dire” segment of jury selection the confidence he displayed really set my mind at ease. I appreciated how he included me in this jury selection process and how open he was to my feedback.

I also recall during the trial after he cross-examined one of the prosecutor’s witnesses he walked over to me and asked, “How did I do?” and all I could say was Round 1 went to Patrick.

He exhibited a level of confidence and control in the courtroom that was very impressive. Patrick was able to have the OWI charge reduced to Careless driving. I would recommend Patrick’s Firm to anyone who finds themselves in this situation. He was without a doubt an expert in these kinds of cases.

I have to not only thank Patrick but his team/staff, they were all very supportive. Sometimes that support is what you really need during such a traumatic time, just knowing you have someone willing to fight for the very best outcome for you.

Second offense down to careless driving

Client Review:

I hired Patrick T. Barone after his law firm was recommended to us by our family business lawyer. I didn’t want to go back to my prior lawyer even though he was supposed to be one of the best. All he did was plead me guilty. Now on my second offense I had to get a good result. I was applying to medical schools, and another drunk driving could keep me out.

After reviewing my case Mr. Barone talked to the prosecutor at court who wouldn’t give us any plea reductions. Mr. Barone said he was going to write a letter to the top prosecutor. We found out he also wouldn’t offer anything. Mr. Barone said we should ask for a trial.

When the trial came up, Mr. Barone again asked the prosecutor to give us a non-alcohol reduction. The prosecutor offered a reckless driving. I thought about it and talked to my family about it. A reckless wouldn’t help that much with medical school, so I asked Mr. Barone what to do and he said he’d keep trying. Finally, rather than go to trial the prosecutor gave me what I needed. Thanks to not giving up Mr. Barone got me careless driving. All I paid was a small fine and best of all I’m in medical school.

Thankful Client!

Client Review:


I hired Patrick Barone in early 2009 after being charged with possession. I recently started college and could not afford to have this on my record as I knew this could definitely alter my career options. Focusing on this part of my life, Patrick refused to accept any plea bargain from the prosecutor that would leave a negative mark on my record. After several months of negotiation and argument in the court, Patrick got my case charged reduced to a mere fine. I cannot express in words my gratitude for his help!
Thank you again Patrick!
RS – Canton

Knowledgeable and Strong

Client Review:

I hired Patrick Barone because this was my second time. Because of the impact of another conviction on my law license, I needed someone knowledgeable and strong. I contended all along that I was stopped on a pretense, that the policeman completely lied about the stop and that they fabricated the in-car video disk.

Patrick tried to negotiate with the prosecutor who doesn’t care about police misconduct and refused to do anything. Left with no other choice we set the case for trial.

We hired an expert for the breath test and also had the videotape professionally evaluated. On the jury selection date Patrick still tried to get the case reduced, but the prosecutor refused and so we proceeded.

Between the time of jury selection and the trial date, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a case involving the use of affidavits, and so on the trial date Patrick argued that the prosecutor was required to call certain witnesses to show the breath-test machine worked correctly.

The trial was adjourned for the prosecutor to respond during which time Patrick kept trying to get a no alcohol reduction which the prosecutor refused. The notice of the new date to the jurors showed “RPT” (repeat) after the offense OWI, and as we had already exposed the courts prejudicial practice of posting such notices, the first jury was voided.

By the next court date to hear the motion and pick another jury, Patrick again talked to the prosecutor and the judge and finally our persistence was rewarded. I was placed on six months of probation and after this my case will be reduced to a reckless driving.

Thanks to Patrick’s tenacity and knowledge of the law I have a chance to avoid the consequences of being a repeat offender.

I was greatly impressed by Patrick and his defense associates in every aspect of my case, especially communication.

Barone Defense Firm’s Specialized Knowledge Gets Results!

Client Review:

The Barone Defense Firm is top notch #1. In March 08 I was arrested for DUI 3rd Felony Violation… I contacted the Barone Defense Firm after reading reviews
and their expertise in DUI cases. Knowing that this is all they do is drunk driving cases and have much background and know the laws surrounding them, I hired them right away!

I was in a parked car with it running and behind the wheel… Barone Defense Firm got my Felony and certain jail time down to a drunk and disordely on a technicality that neither the Prosecutor nor the Judge was aware of when they offered a deal of recharging me as a second offense! Thanks to one of Patrick’s Attorney’s I have my life back! I would certainly recommend them to anyone!

SC – Battle Creek, MI

Recommendation of The Barone Defense Firm

Client Review:

I secured Patrick Barone’s services in the summer of 2006 after my second DUI arrest. Facing stiff penalties in the state of Michigan as a second time offender, I felt hopeless until my initial consultation with Patrick. From our first meeting, through my trial, and two Secretary of State review hearings, Patrick made the entire experience much more manageable and much less painful.

Patrick’s extensive experience combined with his unbelievable knowledge of DUI law, arrest proceedings, and the science behind alcohol testing and the various instrumentations used, is eye-opening and made for a more comforting experience than I otherwise probably would have had. Patrick and his staff were compassionate and eased me through each step of the legal process. Patrick was always honest with me and gave me all the information necessary to make informed decisions. At no time did I ever feel a lack of attention to my case or my concerns.

I also utilized Mr. Barone’s firm for my two Secretary of State review hearings. Both hearings were a success. The Secretary of State is demanding in their requirements, for good reason, and the onus certainly falls on the individual to prove they are no longer a liability on the road. However, Patrick and his firm prepared me extremely well and guided me through the entire process to ensure my best chances at success.

Certainly, navigating through a DUI arrest and the loss of a license is stressful. However, I have never regretted securing Patrick and his firm to represent me, as I experienced first-hand the dedication and diligence he and his staff provided my case. Today, I drive freely and without restriction and would recommend Patrick’s representation to anyone that faces the issues I previously faced.

Mr. Barone is among the best.

Client Review:

I was extremely pleased at the professionalism and confidence with which Patrick Barone handled my case. I was charged with an OWI and through Mr. Barone’s hard work and negotiations, it was dropped to a Careless driving (a non-alcohol, 3pt civil infraction!) Not only did this save me a lot of money, but my future as a doctor will not be compromised due to a mistake that I made. I never felt “out of the loop,” Mr. Barone kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend this firm to anyone.

Outstanding representation and integrity

Client Review:

Excellent representation for my case, going over every detail. We won both on the OWI and the chemical test refusal. It was the expertise of Patrick and his firm which specializes in cases like these that put us in the position for a positive outcome.

I searched long and hard online for the best of the best in representation. It did not take me long to find out that I had made the best decision I could have.

Sinelli 2009 04 22

Client Review:

Patrick Barone and his Associates were very professional, thorough and were very client oriented.

The initial meeting set the stage for a successful relationship. Patrick took the time to listen to my side of the event, advised of my rights and carefully and thoroughly explained the process and my various options. Once I had a clear understanding of my options we collaborated on selecting a primary option and I was fully represented at every critical event whether it be a court appearance or just a discussion. This process resulted in a favorable outcome and Patrick was a good value.

Finally, his flat pricing made was simpe, all inclusive and a solid value.

One Great Lawyer

Client Review:

Patrick Barone did a great job defending me in my multiple DUI case. From the first initial free consultation, it was clear that his knowledge of how the system works was far superior to that of other lawyers I’d spoken to. Even though the Judge had all but decided to send me to prison, Patrick was able to present my case in such a way to get me a short county jail sentence with work release privileges.

Although I have not personally needed his services since, I have had to contact him for advise about a friend. He did not hesitate to provide his expert opinion and advise and refused to accept any payment for it.

I hope I never need to hire an attorney again, but If I do, I’ll hire him and strongly recommend him to anyone in need of attorney.

Highly Recommended

Client Review:

At my 1st meeting with this firm I was given a complete assessment of my case and real possible out come. They were able to make this assement considering the nature of my case, their previous history of dealing with the court it was to be heard in, and knowledge of the judges and prosecutors serving in this district.

Through out my legal process I was given immediate and precise answers to my questions. This helped relive some of the anxiety of the whole experience. I was also given a comprensive literature for my own research.

In the end the Barone Denfense Firm’s assessment of my case turned out to be the best possible case scenario. For that, I am very grateful!

Client Review

Client Review:

Patrick Barone successfully accomplished lowering my charge of a serious owi to a charge of a lesser degree. His knowledge of the law in one’s defense is superior as it is to his approach with the law and the court system.In support again of his success, he accomplished to dissmiss a charge of an open house party. His experience, brilliancy, and knowledge is far above and beyond other lawyers, without a doubt.He is highly respected, as it showed through proceedings. He has an outstanding reputation of a defense lawyer, a righfully deserves. I encourage and strongly recommend Patrick Barone, as I have, in the need of defense.

Extraordinarily knowledgeable

Client Review:


Mr. Barone has literally written the book (a couple of them) on drunk driving offense. He and his partners did an outstanding job representing one of my family members. They investigated the case thoroughly and wrote a first-class brief explaining why the arrest was unconstitutional. The prosecutor offered to reduce a charge of OWI to careless driving. There is a cost involved with hiring an attorney, of course, but when you weigh that against what you stand to lose, it is money well spent.

Incredible Attorney

Client Review:

I retained Mr. Barone to represent me at my DLAD hearing in hopes of getting my driver’s license reinstated. Mr. Barone came highly recommended by family friends and other acquaintances, so I was fairly confident in his abilities even prior to meeting with him. From our first consultation Mr. Barone exceeded my expectations. I never felt uninformed. I felt that he provided me with all of the information and tools I needed to maximize my chances of obtaining my license. His sense of ethics in which the truth is always the right answer really passed the test in my case. He helped me present my case in a thorough, honest way and the results were more than I could have ever hoped for. I am now a licensed driver in the State of Michigan. I would highly recommend The Barone Defense Firm’s services to anyone dealing with a drunk driving matter, whether it be a DUI ticket, or a DLAD hearing. Thank you Patrick and Bob!