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Patrick T. Barone – Principal and Founding Member

Patrick Barone Patrick T. Barone

Patrick T. Barone is the principal and founding member of The Barone Defense Firm, whose practice is exclusively limited to zealously defending citizens accused of drunk driving. The Firm is headquartered in Birmingham, Michigan. Mr. Barone is the author on two books on DUI defense including the well respected two volume treatise Defending Drinking Drivers (James Publishing), and The DUI Book – A Citizen’s Guide to Understanding DUI Litigation in America. He also served as the executive editor of The DWI Journal: Law & Science (Whitaker Newsletters, Inc.), a nationally circulated legal periodical and is the author of a monthly DUI defense column for Michigan’s Criminal Defense Newsletter.

Mr. Barone is an adjunct professor at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School where he teaches Drunk Driving Law and Practice. He is a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College, and is on the faculty of the Michigan Trial Practice College. Mr. Barone frequently lectures at national and state seminars attended by lawyers, judges and scientists, and he has provided expert commentary in newspapers, on television and on radio. Mr. Barone has been listed as “Seriously Outstanding” by SuperLawyers, and since 2009 has been included in America’s Best Lawyers. He has an “AV” (highest) rating from Martindale-Hubbell.

Mr. Barone has been certified as an instructor and practitioner of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and has also attended a 24-hour certification course at National Patent Analytical Corporation (the manufacturer of the DataMaster) and has thereby been deemed competent by the manufacturer to operate, perform essential diagnostic verifications and calibration checks on the DataMaster. Mr. Barone is a Sustaining Member of College for DUI Defense.

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Michael J. Boyle – Senior Trial Counsel

Michael J. Boyle

Michael J. Boyle joined the Barone Defense Firm in 2005. Since that time Mr. Boyle has demonstrated considerable skill and acumen in the successful defense of Michigan’s drinking drivers, and in 2009 was promoted to Firm’s first-ever Senior Trial Attorney. In addition to his extensive trial practice, Mr. Boyle now takes an active role in the training and mentor-ship of the Firm’s junior trial lawyers, and is the chief liaison between Mr. Numinen and the rest of the Barone Defense Firm.

In 2007 Mr. Boyle was certified as practitioner of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests in accordance with the standards set forth by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

He has also been certified in the use of the BAC Tracker software, allowing him to perform complex calculations related to the metabolism of alcohol using six different formulae.

He is also a 2006 graduate of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan Trial Lawyer’s College, and is working toward certification with Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College.

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Karl Numinen – Of Counsel for Northern Michigan

Karl Numinen

Karl P. Numinen became “of counsel” to the Barone Defense Firm in 2011 only after he had already spent the better part of 20 years earning an excellent reputation as a skillful and battle-hardened courtroom litigator. Karl attributes his success to thorough case preparation and his winning track record is a reflection of the time and intensity of this preparation.

In addition to his of counsel role, Karl is also a partner in the Upper Peninsula law firm of Pence & Numinen, located in Marquette Michigan. Along with a wealth of knowledge relative to the defense of drinking drivers, Karl also brings his personal relationships with those involved in the local criminal justice system to the Barone Defense Firm.

Karl’s considerable knowledge and experience winning DUI cases throughout the Upper Peninsula and “Tip of the Mitt” judicial court systems is an asset to Barone Defense Firm client’s in those locations.

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Ryan Ramsayer – Associate Counsel

Ryan Ramsayer

Ryan T. Ramsayer joined the Barone Defense Firm in 2009. Immediately after joining the Firm, Mr. Ramsayer began his participation in an extensive “OWI bootcamp” program that was presented and overseen by both Mr. Barone and Senior Trial Attorney Michael Boyle. During this OWI bootcamp Mr. Ramsayer was trained in the various and multiple complexities of the Operating While Intoxicated field of law and science. After completion of the bootcamp Mr. Ramsayer began defending drunk and drugged drivers as a member of the Barone Defense Firm.

Originally from Northern Minnesota, Mr. Ramsayer is committed to defending the rights of all Americans. He demonstrated his commitment by honorably serving in Afghanistan as a member of the United States Marine Corps Infantry. Upon his return to America he put his experience to good use as he trained for a new battlefield – the courtroom.

While at MSU Law, Mr. Ramsayer participated in the Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute. The two-year program trained him in the specific skills required for successful trial advocacy. During that period, he also clerked at several firms where he studied various areas of the legal profession and honed his research and written advocacy skills.

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Brian Corby – Firm Manager/Director Client Relations

Brian Corby

Brian Corby joined the Barone Defense Firm as the Firm Manager in 2006, and in 2009, he became the Director of Client Relations. Mr. Corby provides 20 years of litigation and managerial experience with prior firm memberships (1991-2006) to two full service law firms in the Detroit Metropolitan Area.

Brian has a core discipline in criminal justice and police procedures, with certification in standardized field sobriety testing from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration / International Association of Chiefs of Police.

In addition to Mr. Corby’s responsibilities for oversight on the law firm’s operations and personnel, he collaborates with staff counsel on team strategy for the Barone Defense Firm’s clientele. Brian’s primary duty and dedication includes ensuring the unmatched delivery of professional excellence and service to the firm’s clients. The hallmark of Brian’s career has been in his ability to establish and cultivate defense teams that correspond to client challenges.

Brian explains his basic operating principle this way: “With the dilemmas and collateral consequences facing our clients, the stakes couldn’t be higher. At the Barone defense firm, we have an uncompromising commitment to achieving the best outcome possible in each and every case that we handle.”


Christine Anderson – Litigation Coordinator

Christine Anderson

Christine Anderson is primarily involved in facilitating the Barone Defense Firm’s exhaustive case-discovery process. In this capacity Ms. Anderson requests, receives and disseminates the various discovery items to the Firm’s lawyers and to the client’s themselves. Ms. Anderson is also instrumental in the management of the Firm’s court docket. Her goal is to smoothly facilitate the often complex process behind client representation.

This demanding position requires Ms. Anderson to help in the preparation of many types of legal documents including travel requests to the court, petitions for restricted driving privileges, discovery demands and FOIAs.

As a matter progresses, Ms. Anderson aids the Firm by investigating facts related to client matters, reviewing case records, gathering necessary data and updating courts, clients and attorneys as the case progress through the legal system.

Ms. Anderson further assists clients with questions pertaining to their cases, provides notices and memos to clients as reminders of court appearances or other important dates, and schedules client appointments with their attorney.

Ms. Anderson received her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Central Michigan University so in addition to working with clients, Ms. Anderson is trained in the Michigan court system and well-understands how the criminal law case moves through it.

Sara Bono – Client Advocate

Sara Bono

Sarah Bono helps clients and potential clients of the Barone Defense Firm understand the basic or advanced level of severity of their cases and life-circumstances and assists in determining the priority of a client’s legal needs. Ms. Bono has assisted thousands of people accused of drunk driving in Michigan and understands the emotional difficulty our client’s face as they work through the experience of being charged with a crime, often for the first time in their lives.

Ms. Bono is also trained in the Michigan court system and how the criminal law case moves through it; and is responsible helping potential new clients understand what to expect when hiring an attorney. Ms. Bono also helps potential clients understand the advantages of hiring the Barone Defense Firm to help them with finding the best solution their Michigan DUI case.

Ms. Bono also assists the Barone Defense Firm team by gathering information from the accused about their case and is the firm liaison when scheduling the free consultation with the Firm’s manager.

Ms. Bono helps the Firm’s client’s find solutions to their broader life issues including possible drug and alcohol addiction, and assists the clients in scheduling substance abuse evaluations.

Ms. Bono received her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Wayne State University.

Melissa Kasey-Ismail – Paralegal/Billing Administrator

Melissa Kasey-Ismail

Melissa Kasey-Ismail assists the Barone Defense Firm team with researching relevant case law, investigating facts related to client matters, preparing legal documents and providing suggestions related to current proceedings. Her paralegal and English skills have helped to further elevate the quality of written advocacy produced by the Firm.

Ms. Kasey-Ismail is also instrumental in assisting with client billing. Consequently, she initiates and manages any client payment plan and corresponding payment due dates. In this capacity she has the ability to set up multiple payment methods and options to aid clients in the payment of their retainers.

Ms. Kasey-Ismail aids the Firm by investigating facts related to client matters, reviewing case records, gathering necessary data and updating courts, clients and attorneys as the case progress through the legal system

Ms. Kasey-Ismail received her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Oakland University. She also attended the Paralegal Program at the Henry Ford Community College.