How Many of Michigan’s Criminal Laws Did you Unknowingly Break Today?

by Melissa Kasey on February 6, 2015

Michigan’s drunk driving laws increasing become more draconian, and more extensive.  For example, if you are under 21 and drive with a breath alcohol level of .02 or more, you are guilty of drunk driving.

While most people would agree that drunk driving should be against the law, what is surprising to most Michiganders that there are outdated laws still on the books that read more like satire than anything official. For example, “If you mock someone for refusing to duel, you could end up in jail for six months and fined $750”.

What makes matters worse is that while old and outdated laws are not being removed from the books, new ones are added with an ever increasing pace. What this all amounts to is that we are all potential victims of the over criminalization of America.

Over-criminalization is increasing in our state in a trend that is occurring nationally and creating cause for concern.  In 2014 the state of Michigan passed 116 new laws which is more than double the 45 crimes passed annually from 2008-2013. Knowledge is only an element to a limited number of crimes and for the majority ignorance of the law is not a defense.

Over criminalization is creating a society in which being a ‘law abiding citizen’ is a nearly impossible feat and it is estimated that everyone breaks at least one law a day often absent of criminal intent or knowledge that they are doing so.  We have been thrust forward into a society that through its leaders has given more value to consequences through criminal sanctions in lieu of resolving issues in the civil law process.

This could sociologically mean any number of things but the legal landscape is showing that more and more people can be arrested and charged with a crime without any idea an arrest and/or criminal charge could be a reality to them. Facing a criminal charge is an emotional, and terrifying experience and having the advocacy of a lawyer is a must.

The Barone Defense Firm prides itself on advocacy for the accused. Our team of compassionate experts can be reached any time by those accused of Drunk Driving and other related criminal charges.

If you have been charged with drunk driving in Michigan, or any of the many dozens of related crimes, please contact the Barone Defense Firm today for your FREE no obligation consultation.


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