Michigan DUI Criminal Convictions Have Long-Lasting Effects

by Ryan Ballard on March 5, 2015

It’s no secret that even a  first offense drunk driving conviction can have an immediate impact on your life. Jail time, license suspension, fines, and points on your license are some of the immediate penalties imposed upon drunk driving conviction. But what about long-term consequences?

An article recently published in the New York Times details how even a misdemeanor like a Michigan first offense drunk driving can affect an offender’s life for years after a conviction. With the state of the job market, in which each job can have hundreds of applicants, an employer can easily cut their work in the hiring process by weeding out anyone with a criminal conviction.

And, as the article states, with nine out of ten employers now running background checks on applicants, it’s not getting any easier for people to bounce back from a criminal conviction. According to the article:

“Even your lower-paying fast-food jobs are now doing background checks,” he said. “How can I pay child support if I can’t get a job?”

But long-term effects aren’t limited to just difficulty getting jobs. The NYT article also points out that a crime like a first offense drunk driving in Michigan can cause a college application to be denied.  This is because colleges and universities are routinely requiring reporting of criminal convictions in the college application process.

The problems don’t stop with job loss and loss of opportunities like college; even landlords are now running background checks before potential tenants are allowed to rent apartments.  This means that a single drunk driving conviction can cause an immediate job loss, the inability to get a new job, the inability to further opportunities through a college education, and might even result in the loss of a living place.

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