Brighton Hospital

Brighton Hospital is the second oldest treatment facility in the United States.  They help all adults 18 and up, including employees and professionals with job and/or license jeopardy related to alcohol or drug abuse, legal and health care professionals and executives.

It is because of this focus and expertise that the Barone Defense Firm refers many of its clients to this fine treatment facility.

Here is a video tour of the facility.

If you retain us to assist you with your Michigan drunk driving case or Michigan Driver License Restoration case, and would like us to facilitate your referral to Brighton, then we will be happy to help. 

At the Barone Defense Firm we have staff trained and dedicated to helping our clients find the best treatment option, and Brighton is often the place we believe can best help our clients.

Brighton Hospital also has it’s own excellent blog where you will find lots of additional information about treatment and about Brighton.

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