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Win Back Your Life is the culmination of nearly two decades of representation of those accused of drunk driving in Michigan.  Good people just like yourself who are anything but “criminals.” 

The traditional legal defense seemed to somehow fall short for many of my clients.  After much thought it occurred to me that this was because my clients had more than just legal issues, they also had emotional challenges and sometimes even alcohol or substance abuse challenges.

Being arrested for drunk driving is itself a terrible experience, and being involved in the criminal justice system is just as bad if not worse.  Many lawyers seem to add to their client’s problems by treating their clients poorly.  Lawyers may also inadvertently insult their clients because they don’t know or care to know the full spectrum of issues facing their clients. 

A survey of the many DUI defense web sites, including many of my own, suggests that most lawyers are simply trying to convince you that they are the greatest, and that if you don’t retain them, the judge will throw the book at you.  There is no doubt that a highly specialized and skilled lawyer is necessary, but it’s only part of the answer. 

At the Barone Defense Firm our goal is not just to win your case but to help you with all of the life challenges you are now facing.  This goal requires more than just a formidable knowledge of the legal system; it requires an equally formidable knowledge of the pathology of addiction and more generally the psychology of human behavior. 

At the Barone Defense Firm we believe that we possess this knowledge.  We will use this knowledge and experience to assist you with whatever level of support you may require.  This is one of many things that make the Barone Defense Firm different. 

We will also use your participation in such support groups and/or therapy to help us obtain the best possible results in your case.  Together this approach will put us in the best possible position to not only win your case but to also quite literally help you Win Back Your Life!

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