Sample DUI Victories

When it comes to defending drunk driving cases (OWI/DUI/OUIL) Patrick T. Barone, Michael J. Boyle, and the entire Barone Defense Firm have an amazing success record. In fact, in the State of Michigan our success record is really second to none.

Ultimately, success is measured by a happy client.  If the client is not happy with their experience with the entire Barone Defense Firm Team, then we have failed.  Generally, we define success in a drunk driving case when we are able to achieve any of the following outcomes:

  1. Outright dismissal of the DUI charges.
  2. Verdict of Not-Guilty on the DUI case.
  3. Reduction of the drunk driving charge to a non-alcohol charge, especially careless driving.

These are the three outcomes for which we always strive.  However, there is another way to define success, and this in combination with any of the above outcomes, or separately even if there is a conviction.  The Barone Defense Firm also measures success if we are able to assist in helping the client contend with a drug or alcohol abuse problem by helping them get them into treatment, and then to begin a life time of sobriety.  Other than hearing a jury say “not guilty” there is nothing better than having a client thank us for helping them win back their lives by successfully battling addiction.

 Patrick T.  Barone’s success stories

 Michael J. Boyle’s success stories

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