DUI Blogs Worth Following


The following is a list of the top DUI Blogs throughout and around the United States:

The DUI Lawyer blog watch is a site that watches blogs from around the country.  According to the site’s information, The DUI Lawyer is a “one-page aggregation of the 50 most recent postings by attorneys blogging on DUI law. The purpose of this site is to create a watchable stream of lawyer commentary on DUI law, and to provide a location where both the media and those in the legal industry can track the day’s news at a grassroots level.”  The site was started by attorney Lawrence Koplow, one of Arizona’s top DUI lawyers.  Koplow also maintains his own blog called the Arizona DUI Defense Blog.

Another excellent DUI blog is the Georgia DUI blog.  This blog contains a huge volume of information on the law and science of drunk driving.  It has been in existence since 2006, and is one of the largest blogs on the net.  It is also very authorotitive because one of the blogs authors, Allen Trapp, is one of the nation’s top DUI defense lawyers.

It’s really hard to say enough about one of the original DUI blogs simply titled the DUI blog.  It was started by attorney Larry Taylor whom most refer to as among the top or the top DUI defense lawyer in the nation.  He is the author of Drunk Driving Defense, a book that any DUI defense lawyer worth his salt has read cover to cover.  According to the web site:

This website is about the other side of the story….

Both BooksFor years we have read about the “slaughter on the nation’s highways”, watched tragic stories of promising lives cut short by drunk drivers. Pressure groups such as MADD have been wildly successful in fomenting public hysteria and, with no politican daring to oppose them, pushing through ever stricter laws and harsher punishments. As a result, we are repeatedly assured, the number of “alcohol related” traffic fatalities continues to drop dramatically.

A non-DUI blog worth following is Gerry Spence’s blog.  Gerry Spence was recently name the greatest living trial lawyer by the American Assocation for Justice, and this is a chance to literally learn from the master.

Barone w/ Spence 2008

Barone w/ Spence 2008

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