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Dr. Paul Homoly To Speak at October DWI Seminar

by ptbarone on July 15, 2009


Dr. Paul Homoly

On October 7-9, 2009, Dr. Paul Homoly will again be speaking at the upcoming 13th Annual DWI Means Defend With Ingenuity Seminar in Las Vegas.   If you are interesting in learning how to be more effective in trial, then you should not miss this opportunity to hear Dr. Homoly speak, especially on October 9, 2009 when he presents “The Story You Tell Creates The Verdict You’ll Hear.”

I first heard Dr. Homoly speak in 2007 when I attended a meeting of local business leaders.  At this time Dr. Homoly had not presented to large groups of lawyers, and I immediately recognized how his approach to business communication translated into the court room.  Over lunch we discussed different ways he could become involved with teaching lawyers how to be more effective in the court room, and Dr. Homoly and I have worked together ever since.  This includes my introducing him to the College for DUI Defense where he first spoke during their 2008 summer session at the Harvard Law School.

Dr. Homoly specializes in making it easy for experts to increase their influence by becoming more interesting.  In my September 2007 DWI Journal: Law & Science article entitled “May I Have Your Attention Please, Getting a Two Word Verdict from a Two Word Attention Span” I wrote:

 As trial lawyers, our success depends on our ability to both earn and keep the jury’s attention. If the jury is not paying attention, then all of our hard work could very well go to waste. Once we’ve gained their attention, though, we must provide the jurors who agree with us the tools they will need to convince the others to agree with us, also. The jury will receive these “tools” from us in the form of words and ideas. That said, not only must our words be persuasive, they must also be memorable. For some, this persuasive ability comes fairly naturally; yet for the majority, it is a learned skill.

Dr. Paul Homoly recently wrote a noteworthy book on a closely related topic called Break Through, a Leader’s Greatest Lesson. According to the book, people (jurors) learn best through stories, and when these stories have emotional appeal, people (jurors) are more compelled to take action. Following this advice, Dr. Homoly presents his concepts through a story about a financial services industry employee who rapidly rises up the ranks to eventually become CEO of the company, an uncomfortable position for him at first. After some initial failure, he finds a mentor who helps him improve his leadership skills, thereby helping him eventually be successful in the position.

The article goes on to discuss Dr. Homoly’s book and how the information contained in it translates into the court room.  Dr. Homoly continues to be a popular speaker and as more people learn about him his influence within the legal community is certain to increase. 

To learn more about Dr. Homoly, or to sign up for one of his excellent two-day seminars, visit his web site or sign up for the Vegas seminar.  I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!


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