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Software Soon to Predict Future DUI

by ptbarone on August 23, 2010

According to the ABA Journal, software originally designed to assist in determining whether or not serious felony offenders are likely to re-offend is being modified for use in less serious crimes.  This may even include crimes like drunk driving.

The article suggests that the software can be used for less series crimes as part of the sentencing process but other software can apparently be used to predict where and when crime will occur.

Is it really possible that software could be used to determine when and even if a Michigan driver will commit the offense of OWI?  One never knows, but considering how fast technology has developed it would be foolhardy to completely rule this out.

Consider this 1994 episode of “Homicide: Life on the Streets.”  Here Detective Munch is predicting the future.  Funny thing is everything that just 16 years ago seemed amazing or even impossible has now become common practice.

I wonder if one of the detectives from the new television crime series Detroit1-8-7 will soon be heard predicting the technology driven demise of the Michigan drunk driver.

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