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Barone on Faculty for 2009 CDAM Trial Lawyer’s College

by ptbarone on July 25, 2009

For more than 30 years the Criminal Defense Attorney’s of Michigan (CDAM) has been dedicated to promoting effective criminal advocacy among Michigan’s criminal defense lawyers.  An integral part of this goal is CDAM’s Trial Lawyer’s College. 

As stated on CDAM’s web site:

The Trial Practice College offers a tremendous opportunity to participate in a low-cost week long training program.  The college is designed to allow participants to share the practical trial experience of seasoned veterans and promote zealous defense advocacy.  Participants will not only learn through lectures by nationally recognized trial lawyers on each stage of the trial, but will also apply what they have learned in daily small group training sessions.  Under the instruction of the workshop faculty, participants will engage in individual performances and receive feedback and analysis from the workshop faculty.  The course materials involve a criminal trial and include relevant discovery, pleadings and exhibits.  Participants will be provided materials in advance, but will have the opportunity to prepare for each phase of the trial in the evenings, after hearing the lectures.  The experience of these types of training colleges cannot be underestimated.  Spending a week in small groups and preparing during the evenings for the next day’s program with others offers most-valuable camaraderie and training.  The program is geared to change not only your methods and style of practice, but your outlook on your clients, career and life. 

This program is facilitated by Marjorie Russell who is the chairperson of the Department of Practice Advocacy and Litigation Skills at Cooley Law School.  Marj is a respected member of the faculty for the Trial Lawyers College both at the Spence Ranch and regional seminars, and the CDAM TLC is based on the Spence TLC.

Barone w/ Spence 2008

Barone w/ Spence 2008

Patrick T. Barone from the Barone Defense Firm will be on the CDAM TLC faculty for the first time this year.  Barone has been attending the  Spence Trial Lawyer’s College, and hopes to finish the training in 2010.  Barone is also on faculty at Cooley Law School where he teaches a course entitled “Drunk Driving Law & Practice.”  Barone is looking forward to helping make the 2009 TLC a success. 

Past participants have raved about the TLC.  Here is an example of such an endorsement:

The CDAM Trial Lawyer’s College integrates with what you already know and what you have yet to learn. While I did not attend last year, I attended the first FOUR Trial colleges. Each year, my ability to relate to and prepare for my client’s cases grew enormously.  Once the college begins, the training tactics, though they may seem rather intimidating at first, allow an amazing development of Courtroom advocacy.  The “boot camp” analogy, in my opinion, speaks volumes in that, as much as at the end of the day, the group finds cohesiveness and camaraderie that builds long lasting bonds, the days are tightly scheduled so that time can be spent on ALL aspects of trial yet allow enough time to allow the classrooms to integrate ALL The students in participation.

YOU will be on the spotlight, many times perhaps.  Being on the spotlight in front of your peers is difficult, but truly amazing as the faculty and peers bring out skills that you never realized you had. Then the best part is, you start to ‘think outside’ of the box . .  and your trial skills make even more leaps. Ultimately, your case analysis becomes about your client’s ‘real story’ and the confidence and ability to present the “REAL’ story and NOT the prosecutor’s story develops new meaning.

Then the ULTIMATE PART IS, you make bonds with other attorneys that want to give you life lines when you are fresh out of ideas on difficult case b/c they know you WILL either pass it forward or return the favor!

Please go and please report back your stories; each story makes me proud that we have a dedicated CDAM faculty and participants that want to take their time out of their busy lives to ensure that there is strong advocacy for the wrongfully accused…

Ask yourself do you just want to be mediocre or do you want to be great?  

If you are a Michigan Criminal Defense lawyer and want to improve your trial skills – please sign up today!


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How do I find registration information abou the Michigan Trial Lawyers College?

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Go to

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