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DWI Accused Not Bad People

by ptbarone on May 7, 2009

This is an email I recently received from a mother whose son had received a DWI and was about to be sent to Iraq:

Hi Mr. Barone,

You can’t help me as we are in New York but I wanted you to know, I’ve been doing research on DWI every day for hours on end and I came upon your website.  I believe that you are very sincere in promising to do all you can for the best outcome of every case you take on.  And I believe you don’t think that everyone who has gotten a DWI is a “bad” person.

I have 4 boys.  When my youngest son graduated from high school, he wanted to join the military.  I asked him to please wait 2 years.  If after 2 years, he still wanted to join, I would support him.  He came to me 2 years later and said he still wanted to join.  He has never been in trouble with the law, never did drugs, and never gave anyone any trouble.  He joined the US army in August, 2008 for 5 years.  He wantedto serve his country even though some close family members were against it.  He finished boot camp and AIT in January 2009 and is now stationed in Fort Drum, NY.  In February, he got pulled over and was issued tickets for DWI and DWI underage (he turned 21 on March 12).  I will not make excuses for his actions…he was wrong.  I just hate to see this one night of poor judgment affect the rest of his life.

I know you are unable to help him, being that he is being charged by a military court AND we’re not even in Michigan.  But I wanted you to know I read your whole website  You sound like the kind of person I would want representing anyone I care about.  Unfortunately, I haven’t read anyone else’s website that even comes close to sounding like they care what really happens to their clients.

 I just wanted you to know that your clients are lucky.

 Thank you for taking the time to read my email.


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