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Eminem’s Brother Busted for Second Drunk Driving in Macomb County

by ptbarone on April 23, 2009

On April 15, 2009, Eminem’s baby brother was charged  with a second-offense drunk driving.  The baby brother’s name is Nathan Kane Mathers and he is 23 years old.  Apparently Mathers was stopped after he failed to yield for an emergency vehicle. He was with his girl friend, and the two had been drinking earlier at Johnny G’s Sports Bar in downtown Mount Clemens.

Mathers’ case is pending the 41A District Court in Shelby Township.  The judge presiding over the case will be the Honorable Douglas P. Shepherd.  It is this writer’s opinion that Mathers couldn’t have gotten a better Judge as Shepherd is one of the fairest jurists in the state.

According to the court file, Mathers had a breath alcohol level of .16.  It remains to be shown if this test result is reliable.  It may not be as in our opinion breath testing results are often wrong.  It will be up to Mathers’ attorney to figure out what defense Mathers may have to this breath test result, which is twice the legal limit in Michigan.  If Mathers’ attorney fails to do this then his client will most certainly be convicted.

This is not Mather’s first brush with the law.  He has the following other offenses:

  • A March 2009 OWI conviction arising out of Clinton Township.
  • A 2003 one-car accident in Shelby Township with no injuries.
  • A second 2003 accident in Clinton Township that resulted in one injury and a ticket for careless driving.

If Mathers is serious about defending this case he should obtain a top DUI defense lawyer.  For the record, Mathers did NOT retain the Barone Defense Firm!


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