How the Barone Defense Firm Handles a Michigan DUI Case

Unlocking Your Defense

Every year more and more people charged with drunk driving in Michigan hire the Barone Defense Firm to handle their case.  The reason:  Nobody gets better results for their clients than the team we’ve assembled at the Barone Defense Firm.  The Barone Defense Firm is Michigan’s largest DUI defense law firm, and our entire purpose is to help people just like you get results.

We don’t take every case, but once we’ve agreed to take your case, we will have one thing in mind, and this find a way to win.  Because drunk driving cases are among the most difficult criminal cases to win, we don’t expect to win every case, but we also know that you can’t win if you don’t try.

With that in mind, once we’ve agreed to take your case, the first thing that will happen is you will be asked to complete two exhaustive questionnaires.  One questionnaire addresses your personal situation and from this questionnaire we hope to learn two things: what you have to lose and what we need to do to win.  So, this questionnaire goes into great detail concerning your personal and professional background, and an equal amount of detail about the facts and circumstances of your case.

The second questionnaire relates to your medical history and background.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to assist the Barone Defense Firm in learning what specific factors in your medical background may have impacted your breath or blood test, or the way you performed on the field sobriety tasks.  We will look for something that may have caused a false high breath or blood test result, or that may have influenced your ability to walk a straight line.

At the Barone Defense Firm we will use this questionnaire to help us get started on the discovery process.  This includes things like obtaining a police report, any videotapes, and as much information as possible about the way the police collected the breath or blood test in your case.

Once we’ve obtained this information, we will set up a meeting with you to discuss your case, or findings and any potential defenses that we’ve uncovered.  This meeting will take place by phone or in person in our office (which is our preference).  We will then develop a game plan for the successful defense of your case.

Because we can never know for sure if we’ll win your case, we also have to prepare you and your case for possible sentencing.  In consideration of this, one thing we do for almost all of our cases is to refer you for a substance abuse evaluation.  Because every drunk or drugged driving case involves an allegation that you abused drugs or alcohol, we want to be sure that any underlying problem that may exist is addressed before your case gets to the point of sentencing.

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Nearly 2000 of Michigan’s citizens have done just what we hope you will do – hire the Barone Defense Firm to represent them in their Michigan drunk driving case.