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Michigan’s Million Dollar DMT DUI Debacle

by ptbarone on February 7, 2010

For almost a year Michigan’s DUI lawyers have been waiting for the lastest and greatest breath test machine, the DataMaster DMT, to be rolled out in Michigan.  Although Millions have been appropriated to purchase the DMT in Michigan, the new breath testing machine has still not been put into service.  And Michigan’s DUI lawyers are asking “why.”

This entire scenario is not unlike what is happening in Michigan, only in reverse.  Ohio had been a DataMaster state, but instead of buying the new DataMaster DMT, Ohio decided to go with a different breath test machine.

A recent front-page new story in the Columbus Dispatch had this to say:

In the nine months since state officials unveiled a new device hailed as a potent new weapon against drunken driving, the equipment has been used rarely and only in a few rural and suburban pockets of Ohio.

By comparison, Michigan’s DMT has not be used at all.  The story continues:

Priced at about $9,000 each, the Intoxilyzer 8000 is supposed to be a big step forward in efforts by police to take drunken drivers off the road. Old breath testers require police to transport suspects back to a station to blow into a machine for a reading. The Intoxilyzer travels in police cars and can be used in the field. That allows officers to test a large number of suspects much more quickly than before.

The DataMaster’s cost about a third less each, but are also capable of roadside use.  However, this function will not be used in Michigan.

Another interesting point in the article is where it says “Defense attorneys say they’re ready to pounce. “Our biggest problem right now is that you can get such a varied result depending on how you use the machine”

Likewise, once the new DMT is rolled out Michigan’s DUI lawyers will be ready to pounce.  There are many potential court challenges and these challenges will begin almost immediately.  The biggest problem facing Michigan’s DUI lawyers is figuring out when the new DMTs will go into service, and that’s a question to which no one seems to have an answer.

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