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Point Break Actress Lori Petty Arrested for DUI

by ptbarone on May 31, 2009

Joining a long list of A and B list celebs arrested for drunk driving, Lori Petty was arrested after striking and injuring a skateboarder in Venice California.  So far, the reports do not indicate any other details about the arrest such as an alleged breath or blood alcohol level, or if any field sobriety tasks were administered. 

The reports are also silent as to whether this is Ms. Petty’s first offense or if she is a repeat offender.  The bond of $100,000.00 does suggest either that the injuries suffered by the skate boarder were significant or that this is not a first offense.  Such high bonds are not at all typical of a first offense DUI.

Here is a video of Ms.  Petty leaving the jail.


It is our hope that Ms. Petty does not make the same mistake as many of the Hollywood elite arrested for DUI, namely – hiring an unqualified lawyer.  We recommend my good friend Darren Kavinoky for the job.  Here are some notable quotes and interviews from Mr. Kavinoky.


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